Plastic being an inseparable part of modern society, their safe disposal is a big and highly challenging issue. We understand this concern and assist companies and organizations by collecting plastic waste from them. Large volume of plastic waste generated every day can usually be recycled into secondary raw materials. The characteristic feature of plastic is its ability to be reused for technologically less demanding products than those for which it was originally used.

Major percentage of plastic is recycled from waste packaging. At Planet Green Recycling, we collect different types of plastic waste like PET (plastic bottles and plastic packaging for storing beverages), HDPE (plastic bottles for liquids in non-food industry), ABS (mostly products of higher strength and resistance to external influences) and PVC (most commonly used type of plastic which is being replaced by more environmentally friendly materials due to its chlorine content). The plastic waste collected will be transported to the facility where it will be manually sorted based on its category and will be stored in different bins or containers. Waste plastic which falls under PET will be compacted with the help of baling machine for easier handling and transportation. These containers or skips will then be sent to reprocessing centers where these materials are converted into useful products.

Plastic waste recycling

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