Frequently Asked Questions

Why recycle?

There are many benefits of recycling - at home, in the community and at work. How we handle waste is serious business and it’s everyone’s responsibility. The goal is to send zero waste to landfill that can be recovered. The best way to achieve this is for everyone to create less waste and recycle as much as we can thereby targeting the tagline “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

There are many benefits of choosing to recycle which includes the following.

  • Sending our waste to landfill is a waste of resources and can create problems.
  • Making new products and packaging from recycled materials uses fewer natural resources. It also encourages innovation and creates new jobs in the recycling industry.
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated saves the ACT money in collecting, transporting and sorting. As a community we can better use this money for other services.
  • Less waste means reduced need to extract, refine and process raw materials, which in turn reduces water and air pollution and protect natural habitats.
How recycling takes place?

Materials to be recycled (collected in various methods) are either brought/ delivered to Planet Green’s recycling facility where it undergoes dismantling, sorting/ segregation and storing in different containers/ skips (based on the class and nature of waste). These containers/ skips and then sent to recycling/ manufacturing companies (locally and internationally) who have the facilities of reprocessing/ manufacturing of new materials or products from these waste materials.

What all materials can be recycled?

Most of the things we use in our daily life can be recycled. To name a few… electrical & electronic equipment waste (which is mainly defined as Ewaste), different kinds of metals (steel, aluminium, copper, brass etc.), pressurized cans, plastic, paper, cardboard, thermocol, glass bottles and jars, fabric & textile waste. In addition to the above mentioned, food waste also can be recycled. Currently Planet Green Recycling have the infrastructure and facility to recycle the mentioned items except food waste. We can assist you in getting your food waste recycled thru approved entities.

Can personal care products and cosmetics be recycled?

It is not possible to recycle all personal care or beauty product wastes that are neither biodegradable nor sustainable. Even though we can't recycle old personal care or beauty product wastes, it’s possible to recycle the packaging and containers. We at Planet Green Recycling segregate the contents from its packing and the recyclable materials like paper, plastic, metal and glass will be forwarded to respective centers where it undergoes further processing and gets converted into usable products.

Why is it important to recycle E-waste?

Electronic waste contains toxic chemicals and metals such as lead, cadmium mercury, which when disposed in landfills gain entry into surrounding soil, groundwater and ultimately end in us. In addition, improper processing of e-waste causes toxicity. Informal processing of electronic waste in general poses serious health and pollution problems to mankind and environment.

Is Planet Green Recycling a Dubai Municipality approved recycling facility?

Yes. Planet Green Recycling is a Dubai Municipality approved entity and have the clearance for performing waste processing and recycling.

Does Planet Green Recycling provide recycling certificate?

Planet Green Recycling is happy to provide a Recycling Certificate upon completion of each job which specifies the information about the items processed and the quantity destructed.

How can I ensure that my company’s/ personal computers are disposed securely and ethically?

Recyclers vary in their practices and you must decide which e-waste recycler can best meet your needs in terms of minimizing your environmental liability and information risk. At Planet Green Recycling we follow rigorous standards and thereby ensure full protection against your data loss, environmental liability and damage to your corporate reputation. Customers who need certificate against destruction of data storage device will be provided the same with necessary evidence which meets their IT/ ISO audit requirements. Also we guarantee that the corporate logos and any information about your company will be removed from the system and thereby adhere the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

Does Planet Green Recycling meets all federal and local regulations?

UAE government’s Environmental Protection Agency has specific rules pertaining to disposal and handling waste materials. Planet Green Recycling is in 100% compliance with EPA regulations of UAE government and Dubai Municipality.