We find that most fraudulent goods originate from overseas. Confiscated goods are the ones that have been seized because they do not have the necessary paperwork, or brought here through illegal trade, or are prohibited from being imported to this country.

The disposal and destruction of these counterfeit goods seized by the agencies must be done in an appropriate and environmentally safe manner. Minimizing the environmental impact of the disposal requires specialized facilities and expertise. For many companies and brand managers, disposal and destruction of these counterfeit goods is not just for peace of mind. There is also a legal requirement to ensure that counterfeit products have been destroyed so that the same cannot re-enter the market.

We at Planet Green Recycling collect counterfeit goods seized by the government departments and other approved agencies and ensure that these products will be segregated and destructed at our facility. This practice will safeguard the product and brand name. We are happy to accommodate visiting clients who wish to witness the destruction of these materials at our facility. If required, we can offer our clients the evidence against destruction of these items along with the certificate of destruction…

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