The rapid expansion of technology resulted in the creation of large amount of Ewaste every day. Used items such as large and small household appliances, IT equipment’s, Consumer electronics, Battery operated toys, Electrical tools, Medical devices, Monitoring and Control instruments etc. are some of the items which falls under this category. If not disposed properly, majority of these products end up in landfills and lead to several environmental impacts. Reuse and refurbishing of E-waste offers a more environmentally friendly and socially conscious processes.

The advantages of manual recycling process help to recognize and save working as well as repairable parts including processors, other chips, RAM, power supply modules, display panels etc

At Planet Green Recycling, we collect all types of Ewaste from our clients and transport the same to our recycling facility. Items of reuse nature will be refurbished. Items which cannot be reused will be dismantled, sorted and separated into metal parts, printed circuit boards, electronic components, electrical parts, plastic, glass etc. and are forwarded to remanufacturing facilities where these items will be converted into usable or new items.