About Us

Planet Green Recycling (L.L.C) started its operations in Dubai, U A E with a commitment to save our society from waste accumulation originating from multiple sources.

The infrastructure of Planet Green Recycling meets the industry benchmarks with its most modern machinery installed and strictly adhering to the environment friendly disposal practices set by Dubai Municipality and other federal bodies.

Planet Green Recycling provides an end to end solution in the field of waste management and recycling. We cater our services to different verticals which includes Multi-National Companies, Corporates, Small and Midsized Business (SMB), Supply Chain Companies, Retailers, Government Departments and Household.

Our recycling process starts from collection of waste materials from clients.

Items which we collect or receive from our clients include:

  • Aerosol and Pressurized cans.
  • Counterfeit products seized by government authorities and approved agencies.
  • Ewaste (Electrical and Electronic Waste).
  • Fabric and Textile waste.
  • Fused electrical lights and lamps.
  • Glass waste including bottles (except windowpanes, heat-resistant glass and mirrors).
  • Metal waste like aluminum cans, steel containers and copper pipes etc.
  • Paper, Cardboard and Thermocol.
  • Personal care products, Cosmetics and Perfumes packed in paper, plastic, metal and glass.
  • Plastic waste in bulk quantity.
  • Obsolete inventory including end of life products that were unsold or discontinued.
  • Storage media like Hard Disk Drives, CD’s, DVD’s, USB Drives and Magnetic Tapes.

Upon reaching our facility the above-mentioned items undergo sorting, segregation and safe processing (including destruction and disposal). Segregated materials like paper, cardboard, thermocol, plastics, glass, metals etc. will be forwarded to respective centers where these items will get converted into reusable items or as raw materials for manufacturing new items. We at Planet Green Recycling ensure that the waste collected by us will not end up in landfill.

Reuse being the best method of extending life of an electrical or electronic product, we recommend refurbishing and reusing electrical and electronic products in the most effective way. This will not only reduce the overall environmental impact, but also offers social benefits for those in need by enabling access to technology.

The teams at Planet Green Recycling are well versed in the process and procedures set by the industry standards (local government bodies and international bodies) in the field of waste management and recycling. Being a Dubai Municipality approved entity, we assure our clients that the materials reaching our facility will be processed by following the industry best practices (both manually and with the help of modernized machinery) thereby ensuring safe disposal of waste materials and completing the cycle of waste management process. We provide our customers the recycling certificate against the waste received from them and recycled which helps them in achieving their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for keeping our environment clean and green thereby protecting our planet.

Why choose
Planet Green Recycling

Best-in-class Waste Management Company in Dubai, UAE.
Recycling facility with most modern machineries installed.
Compliance with domestic and international standards.
100% secured destruction of private/ confidential data stored in different kinds of storage media.
Transparency and assurance to clients by issuing certificate of secure data destruction/ certificate of waste recycled.
Adherence to the highest Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) standards across all processes

Corporate Social

As a Corporate Social Responsibility, waste management is a big concern in today’s world. Planet Green Recycling performs different types of waste management. The techniques followed differ based on the type of wastes we receive from our clients. Saving our planet is everybody’s responsibility; we do the waste management to clean our environment and to maintain the balance between different components of the environment. Also it’s our corporate social responsibility to adopt the best suited technique of the waste treatment so that the society cannot be harmed by its waste products. We work closely with charitable organizations locally and internationally by donating the refurbished computer systems and other useful products to schools, colleges or other communities thereby offering social benefit to those in need as it enables access to the technology. As a part of our CSR policy we contribute a percentage of our company’s profit for charity.