Pressurized cans or Aerosol cans are used at homes and offices (filled with deodorants, hair sprays, cleaning products, insect sprays etc.). What happens to pressurized cans or aerosol cans after it becomes empty or has reached its useful life. The pressurized air inside these cans may be potentially hazardous and throwing these cans into garbage could be risky as this may explode when crushed in the landfill. These cans are made of either aluminum or steel and can be recycled same as other metals which gets converted into new metal products. Earlier days, pressurized cans or aerosol cans were said to be harmful to the environment. However, that is not the case now. Today’s pressurized cans or aerosol cans are manufactured in a way that makes them completely recyclable with the least negative environmental impact.

Pressurized cans and aerosol cans need to be recycled properly once it becomes empty. Proper disposal guidelines need to be followed while performing this activity. At Planet Green Recycling, we have the facility of recycling pressurized cans and aerosol cans. Most pressurized cans or aerosol cans come with a plastic cap, which should be removed and recycled separately.

If your business has a decent quantity of pressurized cans or aerosol cans that still have contents in them, but you would like to dispose them responsibly, we can help you out.