The mercury containing lights like compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), other fluorescent lamps (straight, U-bend, circular), neon lamps, high intensity discharge lamps (HIDs), sodium lights etc. when thrown into the garbage will end up in landfill. Some of these lights contain phosphor, which is again a toxic material. If not destructed properly, the mercury and phosphor inside these bulbs and lights can seep into landfill and then to groundwater. This can affect our drinking water supply leading to poisoning and other diseases in humans and animals alike. Additionally, during the disposal process, many lamps break which expose waste handlers to inhale mercury vapor. By recycling CFL light bulbs, the mercury and other toxic material in them can be properly and safely handled to ensure that it doesnā€™t harm our health. Hence it is important to destruct and recycle these bulbs and lights in a secure manner. Also recycling will decrease the large quantity of reusable materials (such as metal) that is currently going to our landfills. Recycling these waste lights and bulbs will also free up your valuable storage space.

At our recycling facility, we have the modern machinery to destruct and recycle different types of lights and lamps. We ensure that the destruction and recycling of lights and bulbs are performed as per the process mandated by Dubai municipality thereby preserving our environment.